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What Everybody Ought to Know About LED High Bay
LED high bay light also known as LED Shop Lights, it is an important part of modern industrial lighting, the light is installed on the ceiling with big power. Just like 80W, 100W, 120W, 150W, 180W, 200W, 300W. The using wide for  4-12 meters places, factories, warehouses, stadiums, supermarkets, etc.

LED High Bay VS Metal Halide Lamp

Traditional high bay light often uses 250W, 400W, 500W, 1000W metal halide lamp, Metal Halide Lamp 360 degree light, the disadvantage of light loss results in a huge waste of energy. Therefore, the development of new high-efficiency, energy-saving, long life, high color index, environmental protection of LED industrial lighting energy-saving is of great significance.

The lighting of industrial high bay lights is closely related to industrial production, led high bay lights have gradually come into people’s sight with the advantages of directional lighting, low power consumption, good driving characteristics, fast response speed, high anti-vibration ability, long service life, and green environmental protection.

LED high bay has become the new generation energy-saving light source that has the advantage of replacing the traditional light source in the world, therefore, LED high bay light will become the best choice for energy-saving renovation in the field of traditional large-scale industrial building lighting, which is also the general trend.

The led high bay usually used to replace the Halogen lamp.
We use the led high bay light to save power and money a lot. the replacement proportion is usually 1:3, that’s mean the 300W led high bay can replace 1000W Halogen lamp. It can be round shape, just like the UFO high bay light. It also can be a linear shape. We FY Lighting is the expert of the led high bay light.

For the UFO high bay light, we can do 100W to 240W one.

And for the linear high bay light, the lumen output can reach 150~180LM/W; 2ft, 95W,110W, 160W, and 4ft 160W, 225W,320W can be offered; it can work with motion sensor and emergency backup. This kind of light is widely used in warehouses, supermarkets, hospitals, factory and so on.

We are got a new led high bay light product. It can pass the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) certification. It’s for food zone area.

All these led high bay lights are UL/CUL/DLC LISTED.

What are the different types of High Bay Lights

  • For Function: waterproof led light,no waterproof led light
  • For Shape: linear high bay, ufo high bay
  • For Application Places: food processing light, industrial lights, high temp light
  • For Install Methods: Suspended, Pendant, Rotating, Ceiling

Where are high bay lights used
High bay lights for 4-12 meters place, warehouse, supermarket, factory, aircraft hangar, car garage, workshop, barn, etc.

How to wire led high bay
Different high bay lights have their own installation, here to show FY highbay fixtures wiring diagram.

How to dim led high bay lights

Two ways can dim led fixtures
1. dimmer on light fixtures
2. APP to control

How many amps does led high bay light use

You could see the below explanation for reference.

For example, our 2ft 160w LED Linear high bay with DLC 4.4 Premium approved, which is 1.325A when it works with 120 voltage and it’s 0.6038A when the voltage is 277v, so you can tell that is different.

If customers have different requirements, such as need super high lumen LEDs or need optic (lens) or need different wattages, then type of LEDs should be changed to meet their standard, plus working with led drivers and under different voltages, then the amps would absolutely be different.

For LED Commerical & Industrial lights and LED Grow lights, the standard between them are also based on the physical situation, especially for LED Grow lights.

Normally there is standard in the factory to manufacture LED lights, which also meet UL’s requirements and some can be DLC approved.

But if customers or contractors have strict requirements on the amps/voltages/efficiency and so on, we would also request help our professional engineers to work it out together and provide the satisfied solution!

How many led high bay lights do I need

LED high bay lamp, apply to factories, power plants, steel plants, workshops, warehouses, stadiums, stations, gas stations, airports, shopping malls, malls, and other large and spacious places lighting lamps.

The number of high-ceiling lamps used is calculated as
Lux = ((Total Lumen) x LLF x CU)/ M ^2

Don’t know how to calculate? As long as the lighting space and area provided to FY lighting experts, then will get a series of lighting solutions.